Totality in Hillsboro is 4 minutes 23 seconds!
(One of the longest totalities in the world!)

North Outlet Mall
104 Interstate Highway 35 NE,
Exit 368
Hillsboro, TX

april 5-8, 2024

A Celestial Country Music Festival and Total Solar Eclipse 2024 Viewing Experience!

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Cosmic Cowboy Eclipse Festival 

And One of the Longest Eclipse Totalities in the World!

Featuring Chris janson, Pat green, Giovannie and the hired guns,  the marshall tucker band & more!


live music


Totality 4 mins and 23 seconds

eddie deen BBQ

Single and 4-Day Passes Available

Eclipse Viewing on Monday is a Separate Ticket

9:45pm - Chris Janson
8:00pm - the Bellamy Brothers
6:00pm - Jake Worthington
4:30pm - Chris Perez

Friday, April 5, 2024

The Lineup

Three Days of
Country Music Magic at the cosmic cowboy eclipse fest! 

9:30pm - pat green
7:40pm - Giovannie & The Hired Guns
5:45pm - kevin fowler
4:15pm - Ghosts of Hill County

Saturday, April 6, 2024

9:30pm - Creed Fisher
7:40pm - the Marshall Tucker Band
5:45pm - uncle lucius
4:15pm - Ghosts of Hill County

Sunday, April 7, 2024

11:00 am -  Exclusive Insights by Eclipse Expert Leticia Ferrer
Eclipse Begins at 12:21 pm CST
DJ Jam with Little Fohx starts at 3:30pm

Monday, April 8, 2024

 gates open at 4 pm

 gates open at 4 pm

 gates open at 4 pm

gates Open at 10 am

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Pat Green is a prominent figure in the Texas country music scene, known for his energetic performances and heartfelt songwriting. He began his career in the late 1990s, releasing independent albums that gained him a loyal fan base. Green's breakthrough came with his 2001 major-label debut album "Three Days," which included hits like "Wave on Wave." His music blends elements of traditional country with rock and pop influences, contributing to his broad appeal. Over the years, he's released several successful albums and singles, solidifying his reputation as a respected artist within the country music landscape.

Chris Janson is a dynamic country music artist celebrated for his high-energy performances and versatile musical talents. He gained recognition as a songwriter before launching his solo career, penning tracks for artists like Tim McGraw. Janson's breakout came with the hit single "Buy Me a Boat" in 2015, showcasing his catchy tunes and down-to-earth storytelling. His music often infuses elements of traditional country with modern sounds, appealing to a broad audience. He's since released successful albums, earned accolades, and remains known for his passionate live shows and engaging songwriting.

about the artists

The Marshall Tucker Band emerged in the early 1970s as pioneers of Southern rock, blending country, rock, blues, and jazz into their signature sound. Founded in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the band gained widespread recognition with their self-titled debut album in 1973, which featured hits like "Can't You See." Their distinctive use of flute in their music set them apart, alongside their soulful vocals and intricate instrumentals. Throughout the '70s and '80s, they released a string of successful albums, including "Where We All Belong" and "Carolina Dreams." Despite lineup changes and the passing of original members, the band's legacy endures, influencing generations of musicians and remaining a symbol of Southern rock's enduring appeal.


4- Day GA Ticket
(includes access to all concerts Fri-Mon)

GA Single Day Tickets
Fri. Only -  $75.00
Sat. Only -  $75.00
Sun. Only - $75.00

- 4 tickets to each day --Front of stage area       
- 2 free drink tickets per person for Fri., Sat., & Sun.    
- 1 VIP parking pass on site for all 4 days  - Viewing site for Monday's Eclipse + parking       
- Own private area for concert and private bar       
- Private Bathroom areas         
- All you can eat buffet 6pm-9pm World Famous Eddie Deen BBQ     
1 hour Early Entrance



4 and under are free!

  • 4 day VIP pass for 2 people - $850
  • 4 day VIP pass (individual) - $475
  • 4 day VIP pass for 2 people - $850
  • 4 day VIP pass (Individual) - $475

The Cosmic Cowboy Eclipse Festival is located in the 2024 total eclipse path in Texas. It’s your passport to a three-day country music festival with great music and good old-fashioned fun followed by the incredibly rare opportunity to see the cosmic wonder of a total eclipse!


Get ready for:

                3 days of Country Music (North Mall Outlet): From  Chris Janson to Pat Green, The Marshall Tucker Band and Giovannie, we’ve got a lineup stacked with talent, promising non-stop country music entertainment that'll keep you on your feet.

               3 Days of Carnival Rides and Games (South Mall Outlet)

         The Cosmic Eclipse Experience: Witness the rare total 2024 eclipse as it darkens the Texas sky with awe-inspiring beauty. This celestial dance between the Earth, moon, and sun is a once-in-a-lifetime event you'll cherish forever. There won’t be another one like this for 21 more years!

There will be a specific area for telescopes during the event. Cosmic Cowboy telescope area is free. Telescopes are allowed into the site. Call for more information.  


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Hillsboro, Texas, the heart of Eclipseboro, is known for its southern charm and warm hospitality.

Hillsboro, TX is 50 minutes south of Ft. Worth and 55 minutes south of Dallas on I-35.

The music festival and eclipse viewing site will be located in
North Outlet Mall
104 IH 35 NE, Hillsboro, TX
Cosmic Cowboy Music Fest will be at the same site as for viewing. Eclipse on Monday, Apr. 8, 2024.

Location, Transportation, Parking

- North Outlet Mall onsite Parking is $50 per day.
- South Outlet Mall parking is free--first come, first serve for all guests

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At the Cosmic Cowboy Eclipse Festival, we're dedicated to creating unforgettable memories under the Texas stars. Our mission is to bring together music lovers, stargazers, and cosmic enthusiasts for a unique fusion of country music culture and wonder.



We'd like to extend our gratitude to our sponsors for their invaluable support in making this cosmic event possible.

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